Note - If any of the below FAQ's do not answer your issue, or you are in any doubt whilst installing your socket, please contact a qualified electrician. This link will provide you with registered electricians in your area; 


I can’t find the correct fuse to turn the power off…

In this instance you can turn the mains power off completely at the consumer unit, it will likely be the largest red switch. It should turn off power to all fuses. You will still need to follow the instructions and use the socket tester to confirm. If in doubt, please consult a competent electrician.

Should I be paying an electrician to do any of this? 

Replacing a socket is non-notifiable under Building Regulations Part P, and therefore it is not necessary to have the work carried out by a qualified electrician, or to inform your local authority building inspector of the work, except in high-risk areas, or special locations, such as bathrooms. As long as you follow guidance in the BS7671. If you are in any doubt though, please consult a competent electrician.

I had to unscrew two earth terminals in the old socket, both with wires in them, Do I need to put them both in the new socket?

Yes, if you had both earth terminals full of earth wires in the old socket, re-create it with the new socket. The second earth wire can be placed into the earth terminal at the bottom of the new socket if easier. 

My new socket doesn’t seem to work, what shall I do?

Please get in contact with us over email or facebook chat. We will try to help you diagnose the issue without you needing to send the socket back. If the socket itself is faulty, we will get a new socket send out immediately. Alternatively, contact a competent electrician.


Something in my kit is faulty or damaged

Please contact us at team@easysockets.co.uk and we’ll get a replacement sorted.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, in our instruction manual or in our youtube video,  please get in contact with us at team@easysockets.co.uk or any of our socials.