How it works

Incorporating USB charging ports into your sockets is a great way to make life easier around the house whilst also adding value. We've come up with a simple idea that provides you with the tools and information you'll need to learn how to easily swap out the old, for the new.

Box Kit

Our box is delivered straight to your door with everything you'll need in it to get cracking. There is a comprehensive step by step card to guide you, as well as a link to an online walkthrough video. You'll get an array of handy pre-tested tools (although please follow the tests on the card incase they become damaged in transit) along with guidance on how to use each one, so you can add them to your own toolbox when done! Once you've got the tools, you can order extra sockets for the rest of your house!

Whilst most electrical works can only be undertaken by qualified persons, in the UK, changing a household socket falls outside this category. As long as you follow relevant safety instructions with reference to BS7671 wiring regulations, the method of working will be safe. If at any point you are in doubt or unsure, please do consult a qualified electrician. You can also contact us at any time.