How USB Sockets Will Improve Your Life

You may be asking yourself why you’d bother investing your money into a USB socket when your traditional wall sockets work just fine? That’s exactly what I thought until swapped out the old with the new and rapidly discovered how much easier it made life. A quick blast through our Instagram comments and reviews (@easysockets) will give you a clear idea of the benefits people have found and I’ll give you a run down of the key 4 here;


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USB Socket

 The most obvious one. Ever found yourself having to swap out your bedside lamp or alarm clock in order to charge your phone? It may have become so routine you don’t even think about it anymore, but essentially it’s a waste of your time.

 With our USB plug sockets you can improve your life by saving time. Plug up to 4 appliances in at once. Put one of these either side of your bed and you’ve got 8 appliances able to be plugged in without having constantly unplug, or purchase a horrible looking socket extension.




 We all want to look after the environment. Apple have reduced their carbon footprint by no longer including USB plug adaptors with their products, with just the USB cable instead.

 You can follow suit by using USB sockets instead of going out to consume another USB plug adaptor, costing you more money and damaging your environment. If you have an accumulation of unused USB plug adaptors, recycle them so they can be turned into something useful (and electric car), you won’t be needing them again.



USB Socket

 In the modern age of home improvements there are so many simply ways to add style and class to your room. A fresh lick of paint, installing new windows, installing smart lighting. One of the simplest and fastest of all has to be installing USB sockets, which you can do yourself with our DIY USB Socket box.

 With our range of 4 stylish colours, Chrome, Steel, Black Nickel and White, there’s a colour to enhance the feel of each room. Look at any “Instagram house” and you’ll notice they always have sockets that compliment their room. We’ve made this as easy as possible for you by giving you the choice of above styles.


Do It Yourself


 In the midst of this Coronavirus lockdown, who doesn’t love a DIY project? Installing your own USB plug socket is one of the easiest and fastest DIY home projects out there taking around 10 minutes to complete, and giving you a lifetime of pleasure! DIY electrics can be regarded as dangerous and that’s for good reason. However, there is also good reason that changing your own plug sockets can legally be undertaken by the homeowner, because it’s nowhere near as complicated as other works. As long as you follow all instructions included in our DIY USB Socket kit box. If you do find yourself in a pickle though, do be sure to contact a qualified electrician.


And there you have it. Four ways that installing our USB charging wall sockets can help change your life. It will save you time, & money, whilst also saving the environment. Win win win! If you’re looking for DIY home improvement ideas or are already set on getting yourself a USB socket, head over to our shop.


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