How to Make Your Home Fit for the 2020's

Home technology is advancing fast. From the Internet of Things through to those simple ‘smart’ touches that help make your life a little bit easier, the modern home ought to be able to incorporate some of the latest advances in digital technology – while still feeling fresh, homely, and comfortable.

In this article, we’ll introduce three key areas of your home which we recommend you modernise – helping to create a home that’s well and truly fit for the coming decade, and all of the working, relaxing, and entertaining you’re going to be doing in the coming years.





Homes have been using electricity for lighting and power for decades – but now more than ever, you’re able to adapt your home to make it fit for a whole new decade of technological innovation.

Starting with the basics, you’ll want to get USB sockets fitted to replace your old three-pin ones. The benefits of USB plug sockets are obvious: you can plug your USB devices directly into your wall socket, without needing to use an adaptor. You’ll also benefit from extra-fast charging when buying our USB plug sockets – which come in a handy DIY kit for you to fit at home.

Elsewhere, you’ll find that your USB sockets come in handy for everything from smart lighting – which will use less power while lighting your home with soft hues – all the way through to internet-enabled ‘smart’ appliances like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


Interior Design

Interior Design


If you’re going to be fitting your home with energy-saving lights and USB sockets, you’re probably going to want to do away with the sort of drab 80s interior that you’ve been struggling on with for years. The same can go for any style that looks faded and outdated, and leaves you and your family feeling a little deflated and uninspired.

Just like how you’ll fit your USB plug sockets by yourself, you’ll not need to shell out thousands of pounds for workers to improve your interior design. Nearly all tasks – from tinkering with USB plug sockets to replacing wallpaper and slapping a new layer of paint on the walls – can be done by you and your family.

Refresh your home, then, by learning a few new DIY skills, and buying DIY kits – like our USB plug socket replacement kit – to get redesigning all on your own.

Windows and Walls

Windows & walls interior design


Your home might feel like it’s made up of your possessions, but the feel of your interior is actually dictated by two things: the light coming from your windows, and the layout of your walls. If your rooms are bathed in natural light from windows, they’ll feel larger and more fresh and expansive. If they’re darker and dingier, they’ll feel claustrophobic.

Meanwhile, if your walls are painted in light colours, your rooms will feel brighter and bigger. Darker colours make interiors feel old and musty. If you’re truly looking to upgrade your home for the 2020s, changing everything from your USB plug sockets to your interior design, you should look to replace older windows with larger, modern window panes – and paint your rooms bright white to achieve a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

There you have it: from USB plug sockets to bigger, brighter windows, changing these three main areas of your home will help you make your property fit for the 2020s.

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