How I made DIY Rustic Shelves from reclaimed scaffold board in 3 Simple Steps

A quick glance on ETSY for "Wooden Shelves" shows that reclaimed scaffolding board shelving is hot right now. With the average finished price of these rustic shelves being costly at around £40 per meter, it's the perfect opportunity for some money saving DIY!

ETSY Rustic Shelving

I decided to make my own to share with you how simple it is, so you can save money whilst having a bit of fun. This is some DIY you can either do by yourself or get your family involved in the home improvement and make it a team project!


What you’ll need;

  • 1 x Scaffolding Board
  • Sandpaper (80-120)
  • Rip Saw
  • Tape & Pencil
  • Your choice of Oil, Woodstain or Wax for finish coat


Step 1 - Cutting

 Measure the lengths of shelving you require. Mark with a pencil onto the scaffolding board and cut using a rip saw. I cut mine into 2 pieces measuring 90cm each.

Step 2 – Sanding

 Sand all sides of the wood down using rough sandpaper (80) getting rid of any splintering wood but being careful not to over sand and lose the rustic feel. Sanding the edges to make them slightly rounded is a lovely touch.

How to make your own Rustic Shelves

For an even smoother finish, glide over it with 120 paper after. I didn’t require this but I did have a sander machine to help me with the 80!

How to make DIY Rustic Shelves


Step 3 – Oil / Waxing

 Oiling your wood will bring out its character and give your shelves that truly rustic look. Oils are natural products and cheap & easy to maintain. With a clean cloth or brush, apply your choice of oil or woodstain onto the wood. Lightly sand the wood with very fine sandpaper once totally dry, before applying another coat.

Woodstain how to make rustic shelving

I initially used Linseed oil but the finish was too light for me so I went with dark oak woodstain, followed by wax polish.

Woodstain wood how to make rustic shelving

 Wax will give your wood a really great smooth & shiny finish. Wax generally instructs you to let each layer dry, buff it off with a clean cloth, before applying the second layer.

Osmo do a great range of DIY wood products and have all of the above;

And there you have it! Rustic Shelves complete!


Rustic Shelves

Your DIY rustic shelves are now complete and ready to put up and show off your hard work!

DIY Rustic Shelves

DIY Rustic Shelves

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