Home Technology You Can’t Live Without

Can you remember the start of the last decade – how social media was just becoming popular, and TV streaming hadn’t yet hit the mainstream? Your home will have been fairly free from digital technology, barring your computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Today, we’re far more reliant on technology – and there have been some astonishing technological innovations that have made our lives easier and more comfortable than ever. In this ultimate list, we look at the home technology features that you cannot live without – from small but amazingly useful USB plugs through to eco-friendly solar panels and internet-enabled appliances.

Your Energy

Solar panels

Let’s start with the source of your home’s electricity, If you own your home, there’s little reason why you shouldn’t fit solar panels to your roof – it’s relatively cheap, and you’ll save cash on your electricity bills over time. Every time you plug a charger into a plug socket, or you flick a light switch, you’ll also know that you’re doing your bit to save the planet, too.

USB Sockets

Easysockets USB Socket

Your power is delivered to your home via plug sockets – and these should be hybrid three-pin and USB plug sockets, to delver ultimate convenience to your home. USB plug sockets carry the benefit of delivering charge to your devices faster - and, of course, giving you more sockets in your wall plugs so that your floors aren’t so messy with wires, chargers, adaptors, and extension cables, USB sockets are a mainstay in new-build homes – and you can make them a feature of your home too with our elegantly simple DIY kit, which will enable you to fit smart USB plug sockets in your home, without spending hundreds on a call-out to the electrician.


Smart Lighting

Your home needs lighting – especially in the winter months when there’s less sunlight in the morning and the evening. In today’s world, there are dozens of modern, smart lighting options to choose from. You can go for remote-controlled lights that come in an array of different colours, or smart, wellbeing-focused lighting, which uses UV technology to deliver the benefits of sunlight to your skin while you’re working from home. Many of the world’s finest lights are powered by a simple USB charger, which you’ll be able to slot into your new USB socket to make your home gleam with modern lighting.


Smart TV

Much has changed since 2011 when it comes to entertainment. Today, you’re likely to have a smart TV that’s linked to your favourite steaming networks. If you don’t, a simple TV upgrade will save you lots of time with cumbersome and annoying HDMI cables. Meanwhile, consoles have developed leaps and bounds in the past ten years – many of them featuring astounding graphics that run off a simple USB plug connection. Smart speakers are the cheery on top of your modern home’s entertainment tech - helping you breeze between rooms, listening to your favourite Spotify playlists uninterrupted.

From USB plug sockets through to the lighting and entertainment in your home, this article has been all about the tech we cannot live without. So, order your USB socket change kit and begin adapting your home to the new technology available on the market today.

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