4 Things you’ll want to know about USB Sockets…

Adding USB charging sockets to your room is a great way of bringing your house into the 21st century. Whilst these products aren’t necessarily a new idea, they’ve only recently become popular as people are realising the benefits USB sockets bring and what an easy home improvement they are. Here I’ll take you through 4 things you may not know about USB charging sockets;

1) USB Sockets will fit your current socket box 

 All the USB Charging sockets we provide in our shop will fit a 25mm back box. In simple language – they will fit into where your current sockets are. When USB sockets first came out they were deeper than old sockets due to all the tech rammed into that small space. This meant you had to ensure you had a special sized box built into the wall. Nowadays, as with everything, the same great technology has been condensed down so it’s a very simple process to remove old socket and install your new USB one.

USB Sockets

Find out how easy it is by watching our how-to video on our homepage

2) They come in many different styles to complement any room colour

 We have a range of awesome styles in our shop that can add a great finishing touch to any room. Bored of your standard white sockets? If you’ve got a darker room, why not try our sleek looking Black Nickel USB Range. If you’ve got a lighter shade of colour in there, try the Polished Chrome or if you’re looking for one between the two, the Brushed Steel will go great.

 Don’t forget to include a DIY USB Box if you want to have a go installing them yourself.

3) They aren’t as expensive as you might think

 The price of USB charging sockets has tumbled over the past few years which is great news for you as a consumer! Prices seem to have plateaued so now’s a great time to get involved in this simple home renovation and transform the look and feel of your room for less than that one round of drinks at the pub!

 We pride ourselves on being cheaper than other retailers, most notably Screwfix. With our Premium range coming in around £5 cheaper per socket than them. Our standard white USB charging sockets can be purchased from our shop for just £14. You’ll save that on not having to purchase an adaptor on your next Iphone!

4) You can change them yourselves

 Whilst you’ll typically pay an electrician a hefty call out fee for any electrical work, under current building regulations, homeowners can change their own sockets. We’ve made this easier than ever by providing an all in one DIY USB Kit box which includes everything you’ll need, including the socket, to install your new USB plug socket and transform your room in 10 minutes. What a home improvement!

USB Socket Box

 Guidance can be found on the comprehensive step by step instruction card included, along with our youtube video on our homepage. Although the process is a very simple one, we do not encourage you to purchase this product if you don’t feel confident in doing so, if you are in any doubt, please contact an electrician.



I hope you’ve found the above helpful and learnt at least one thing (hopefully 4) that you didn’t already know. If you like the sound of modernising your house with a USB Charging socket – head over to our shop to browse our great collection. Don’t forget to get your socket with a DIY USB Box if you want to give it a go yourself. As I mentioned in price, we’re cheaper than any of the main retailers to bring you the best value for money :)

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